11 Jan 2019 – Mangrove Mood

After breakfast, I suited up and swam to the mangroves. I slowed down to prevent sediment from getting kicked up from my fins, as I approached the mangroves. The cold water rushed from my head and down my body as I got closer. As I approached the first clump of mangrove roots, I explored the crevices in the rocks looking for anything small that would like to hide in it. Peering over the corner of a rock, I can see a small frillfin goby perched in a concave part of the rock. It didn’t scoot away as I approached it. I stuck my finger out and gave it a little pet on the head.

Frillfin goby perched on a rock.

It scooted away as I tried to pet it again. I tried to look for it again but instead of finding the goby, I found a common comet star. Andrew B. went back and got a bucket to bring it back to the wetlab for further observations.

Common comet star on the side of a rock.

The mangroves are filled with many species of fish and invertebrates, a diverse environment that I can spend hours exploring and swimming through.

– Lemon Lucas

4 thoughts on “11 Jan 2019 – Mangrove Mood

  1. The goby looks familiar to the ones we used find in the marina. Although, I’m sure they are different species but I wonder if it was a similar size or if it was bigger.

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