17 Jan 2019 – Exploring…

Yesterday was one of my best days in Jamaica. We embarked on a trip to the Ultimate Jerk restaurant, the Grotto and had a night boat ride. Grotto is a network of limestone caves. At the grotto I learned and explored various Jamaican history beginning with the English and Spanish conflict, the dark slave history of Jamaica and the significant role the Grotto caves played in these histories. At the Grotto we learned that Spanish general used the cave as an escape route without light to escape British soldiers who sought to kill him. Also, we learned that most slaves used the similar tunnels to tread for freedom. The mini lecture on slaves moved me and informed me more on the dark history of the island. We ended our trip to the Grotto on a sweet note at the Ultimate Jerk, a restaurant to eat delicious Jamaican cuisine. I had the opportunity to try jerk chick and rice & pea.

Standing in one of the caves tunnel a Spanish military general used to escape from British soldiers

As if our day couldn’t get even more better, we had the opportunity to boat around the surrounding bays in the night. Whiles speeding on the boat, we saw different fish jumping out of the water. Yesterday will forever remain one of the best days in my life and I am so glad to come on this study abroad trip to Jamaica.

Paul , Pie

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