According to the National Geographic, deforestation is a massive scale of cleansing wood and forest. In this world, forest still covers thirty percent of the land area; However, the percentage getting lower every year. Due to effects of deforestation, it produces climate changes, extinctions of wild animals,and natural disasters such as flood and landslide. The primary causes of deforestation can be separated into three different categories: agricultural expansion, livestock ranching, and urbanization. As human beings are part of this world, people have to take responsibility to take care of our nature.


We can have healthier and better planet with the small changes. Government can recommend or suggest programs that are related to reforestation, such as giving benefits or rewards to the companies which will then support the green businesses or will help to reforest around the world. In addition, government can strength the law enforcement on the illegal deforestation and create wildlife sanctuary. For individuals, they can try to have more plant based meal instead of meat based meal because agricultural industry need 70 percents of grains to raise livestocks, which is a high percentage of the causes of deforestation.


Throughout this project, I realized the importance of the reforestation and how I impact our planet everyday. If people keep continue to destroy the forest, it will cause more natural disasters, and it will take more effort to recover damage. Although the effects of deforestation is getting serious every year, there are not many good solutions to stop deforestation. I hope there will be more programs and campaigns related to reforestation to make a better planet that will be safe for our decedent.

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