April 8, 2016

This week I experienced my first impatient professor on the support line. He was fairly rude, demanding, and stubborn. In this type of scenario I must remember to do this:

  • Keep calm no matter what the user says
  • Be professional always- regardless of how unreasonable they are
  • Do not panic. Panicking will make matters worse and slow the process to finding the solution.

I also went over some quiz questions that I had taken prior to the Internship. I remember taking these questions as I was applying to becoming an intern and thinking how difficult they were. These questions were a lot easier now but still tricky and good for practicing future situations. They were a good training technique during quiet hours. One of the things I learned was that students and faculty can download their free antivirus software, Symantec EndPoint Protection, from SoftWeb once they log in with their NetID and NetID password. I also learned more about navigating around E-portfolio as I invested more time into my own digication profile.

How to add a Creative Commons License:

  1. Add module
  2. Social
  3. Creative Commons
  4. No, No, International
  5. Save
  6. Publish

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