{Greenhouse Photoshoot}

Here are the final photos I took from the greenhouse photo shoot that I did to complete Project 2, including some photos I liked from the camera study,

I am so tempted to update this post with more info about each plant. Maybe I can do that sometime in the future…

Greenhouse 0529 (1/125s f/10 ISO 1600) Direct Sunlight

  • I originally thought I wouldn’t include my camera studies, because I naively believed they would not come out very well. But honestly, I really liked all three photos in my white balance study, and the camera study also brought other surprises

Greenhouse 0534 (1/60s f/10 ISO 3200)

  • This photo was going to be my shallow depth of field photo, but the way the tips blurred was super distracting for me, and eventually I just decided to use a different plant/view

Greenhouse 0551 (1/80s f/13 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0553 (1/125s f/13 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0555 (1/125s f/13 ISO 1600)

  • While I walked up and down the greenhouse, I just had to crouch down and take this photo. Honestly I always thought this was a bit of a cliched shot. But now I see why.

Greenhouse 0557 (1/125s f/13 ISO 1600)

  • Ahh… I had so many feelings about this photo. The little plants caught my eye, and I immediately knew what I wanted to take a photo of. Unfortunately my ISO is too high and the photo is super grainy….

Greenhouse 0562 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

  • I really wanted to capture the subtle bits of color in the succulents here, while also creating pleasing an image filled with succulents.

Greenhouse 0563 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

  • I really liked this jade plant. If it wasn’t so late in the day when I found it, I may have spent half my time with it. There are so many good photos I could have taken. I liked that this photo reminded me of being high up in a rain forest or jungle.

Greenhouse 0564 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0565 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0568 (1/125s f/7.1 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0572 (1/100s f/9 ISO 1600)

  • I’m honestly not too sure what drew me to these plants, and what got me to take a photo in the first place. But at some point, I felt compelled to take this exact photo, and I did.

Greenhouse 0574 (1/100s f/14 ISO 800)

  • I really like the high contrast between the light green plants, and the dark purple ones in the back ground

Greenhouse 0578 (1/100s f/9 ISO 400)

  • And how could I not take some photos of these cute little water plants? I have no idea what they are called, but they are tiny, and there are a lot of them.