“Fury” reflection paper

“Fury” reflection paper

“Fury” is a film in a setting of the end of World War Two, involving conflicts between the U.S. and Nazis in Germany. Underlying the war scene is a subtle and unique relationship between Don and Norman. The leading role Don’s responsibility was to guarantee that his subordinates could survive and fight bravely in the war. He was humor and values camaraderie. Meanwhile hatred was seen in his rage and determination to annihilate German enemies. Don wanted to share his lifetime experience with Norman, who was young and naïve, and aimed to reshape his personalities. Don was made at his hesitation and fear in the demanding war setting. His reluctance to killing enemies were regarded as his weaknesses that Don wanted him to get over and the problems that Don wanted him to get rid of.

After Norman’s successful transformation, those who treated Norman badly changed their attitude. At the very moment, the fat man protected Norman from a grenade. The fact that the Nazis didn’t kill Norman is very impressive and left me with many thoughts. Not only do wars take away people’s lives, but they also devastated humanity. At the beginning, Norman refused to kill people. However, he inevitably turned into a killing robot after having witnessed and immersed in the brutality of fighting. The young German soldier initially was similar to original Norman, and the war affected him too. In my point of view, what the director of the film really wants to express is that it was reincarnation, as long as the war lasted, the oblivion of humanity would continue. In the end when he was picked up, he glanced back at that “Fury” with distressed tears. Some say he is a hero, which is sarcasm to him, for those who left in the tank are real heroes.

In a word, this film focuses on portraying the inner struggle of soldiers forced to face the inhuman characteristics of the war, which was also a growing experience for Norman. Besides, it is the complex and subtle relationship between Norman and Don that make the film impressive and thought-provoking.


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