Platoon Movie review


Platoon is a war film written and directed by Oliver Stone. It portrays a story centered on his experiences as a U.S. infantryman in Vietnam War. The film narrates his experiences with his parents and his time in Vietnam. Generally, it tells the story of a young recruit in Vietnam who faces an ethical tragedy in the war and two faces of man.

The main character of the film, Chris Taylor, is a young, naive American in the battle of Vietnam War. He realizes that his presence is quite unnecessary and is measured inferior compared to the rest of soldiers. He draws towards mental collapse and struggles for survival. He thought that he is fighting within two battles, one with their enemy and the other one with the men in his squad. The film make us viewers think that the ways in which the U.S. Vietnam war impacts, destroys and upsets the living people’s life in that era.

As many other war movies, Platoon demonstrates the dehumanizing power of war where numerous people had gone over and was killed during the crucial fight. The film was successful in the portrayal of mental, physical chaos. It illustrates about surviving to witness another battle, how people were calculating the days until a trip of duty is over and living every second with the fear of death. We could clearly tell that Chris’ experiences in the war didn’t provide him anything to be proud of or worth memory, probably the physical and, most importantly, the emotional injuries he has suffered serve to reminded him only of the disgraceful and dehumanizing nature of  the war.

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