The Stony Brook Stitchers would like to give special thanks to the following people and groups for their generous donations of time, effort, and supplies to the group.

April Musano Frances A. Kelley Marianna Angland
Andrea Miller Gabrielle Baylon Marie Chandick
Angela A. Wang Gail Stratford Marwah Rustemi
Ann DeChiaro-Pfisterer Georgia Harris Mary McCabe
Ann Dowsey Heather A. Smith Mary A Wehrli
Alexandria Imperato Heliana Mejia-Scherl Mary Zilinskis
Biggie Ubert Jacqueline Pascariello MaryAnn Castrogivanni
Catherine Nicastri Jami Nydegger Maryann Russo
Cathy Gropper Jan M. Tassie Melissa Scuccimarri
Cheryl Conrad Judith C May Melissa Shampine
Christa Carlsson Karen Warren Nancy Gaugler
Christina Heilbrun Karolyn Hanczor Nancy Lannak
Cindy Tam Katherine Ann Collard Nancy Wichtendahl
Cynthia Geier Kathleen Finnegan Pat Rasso
Diane Cerullo Kathleen Maxheimer Patricia Flanagan
Diane M Bogdan Kathryn Sabia Patricia K. Firman
Christine Cesaria Jami Nydegger Patricia M. Hovagim
Diane Diaferia Jenifer A DeVito Randi Monheit
Diane Rodriguez Jennifer Lee Wong-Ma Regina Biasetti
Domenica Tafuro Julianne Gentile Rosemarie Bevis
Donna O’Brien Latrisha Greer Ruth Marrero
Doris O’Connor Laurie Leverich Stephanie Stevenson
Efie Spentzos Leslie DeMarco Shakeera Thomas
Eileen Zappia Lisa Fowler Susan Donelan
Elizabeth Bass Lydia DeDora Susan Jayson
Evelyn Kandov Margaret Cush Grasso Susan Nastro
Felisa Greenlees Margaret M. McCabe Susan Pace
Taylor Martin
Vivienne Friedman
Special thanks to:
Ingrid Muller, Mimi Lesonski & The Knit Wits, Carol Gaskell & Knit & Crochet Work Group from First Baptist Church in Patchogue, NY, and Nancy Gaugler & the members of the United Univeristy Professionals Community Services Committee.
A special shout out to:
Carol Gomes, Kathleen Kress and Joan Dickinson for their administrative support.  They have provided us high level help and resources to expand our efforts, grow and provide continued support to our patients.


2 thoughts on “Volunteers

    • Thanks for seeking us out + for wanting to join our fun of creating and giving to people in need. Our website has some pattern links and general measurements you can reference.

      Most of our members create on their own and then drop off finished items to either Melissa Shampine, Jan Tassie. You can email us so to arrange delivery of your items.

      Feel free to contact Jan Tassie or Melissa Shampine for additional information. We welcome new members and want to support our crafters as much as we can.

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