Madeline Queck OP, known to most as Sr. Lynn, has retired from Stony Brook University Hospital.  Sr. Lynn has been a team member of the Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Center at Stony Brook University Hospital.  SBUH chaplains are companions who will listen; someone that families can share their burdens with.  They are available to those experiencing loneliness or anxiety, for anyone dealing with loss, long-term illness, trauma or death.

Over the years, Sr. Lynn’s gentle hands, kind heart and loving dedication to help countless numbers of new parents celebrate the birth of a child, or pray over and christen an infant or child who may have been sick or suffering.  She has grieved alongside the mother who has carried and given birth to a stillborn baby or given comfort to parents who have just lost their child to illness, or family members who have lost a loved one.

Sr. Lynn has been such a blessing and a caring bridge which has been integral in identifying and delivering SB Stitchers hand crafted items to our patients in need.  Sr. Lynn has delivered thousands of blankets & hats, Christening outfits, infant demise wraps and memory pouches for many babies, children and young adult patients throughout the departments of SBUH.

Sr. Lynn had the ability to know what was the right SB Stitchers hand crafted item to pass along to patients/families in need.  She made each recipient feel special.  Just as God’s hand bestowed upon each crafter the talent and desire to do for others, Sr. Lynn’s hands and heart was passed along to the person receiving the lovingly made item.

For many years, Sr. Lynn worked very closely with Melissa Shampine who is the Co-Director of the SB Stitchers.  Melissa said “I am so honored and blessed to have had the chance to work closely with Sr. Lynn over the years.  It has been my pleasure to provide her with the crafts our amazingly talented SB Stitchers have donated to SBUH patients.  Sr. Lynn has been such a comfort and peaceful presence to our babies, children, young adult/adult patients and their families.  Additionally, she has comforted and helped many of the SBUH hospital staff.  Sr. Lynn, please know you are loved by all and will be missed.”

All of the members of SB Stitchers wish her much happiness, amazingly good health, and many of God’s blessing!

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