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Welcome to our updated website.  So many good things have been happening for our group!

1. Stony Brook Stitchers website site is now on the Stony Brook University Brookology server.  You can find us at or

Brookology is an easy way to connect with Stony Brook campus employees + community groups.  The website features special discounts from local community shops in the Steals & Deals section, digital bulletin boards in the Get Connected section, and a listing of things to do on campus and in the community.  The Stony Brook Stitchers was invited to join under the community banner.  It has a lot of great information – please check it out.  Melissa Shampine and I cannot stop praising the following folks who volunteered to help us create and maintain our new website:

Mark Lang
Nichole Gladky
Christopher D’Orso
Marianna Angland

2. The SBUH Auxiliary Volunteer Group has merged with the Stony Brook Stitchers.  External volunteer crafters are now flowing through the Stony Brook Stitchers organization.  Our membership is growing.  We extend a big welcome to our new members and knitting/crocheting groups.  Together we can accomplish great things and donate more to those in need.

3. Our needles and sewing machines have not been still since our last newsletter.  There have been many things the Stony Brook Stitchers have been involved.  Here are some highlights:

• April 2017 – Stony Brook Stitcher volunteers received Maffetone Community Service Recognition Award.
• May 2017 – Stony Brook Stitchers participated in Living in Love Caregiver’s Palliative Care and Bereavement Conference.
• May 2017 – Special project – “Flower Power” pins for Mother’s Day – Stony Brook Stitcher volunteers made over 150 beautiful flower pins for female patients.
• June 2017 – Stony Brook Stitcher volunteers helped in the 2nd annual Stony Brook University Children’s Life Prom.
• August 2017 – Stony Brook University Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary Group joins Stony Brook Stitchers.  Two groups become one!
• September 2017 – Stony Brook Stitchers participated in CommUniversity Day.
• October 2017 – Stony Brook Stitchers participated in Westhampton Library Great Give Back Day.
• December 2017 – Hand crafted items donated totaled 1,129.
• January 2018 – Stony Brook Stitchers receive Certificate of Appreciation from Stony Brook Cancer Center at the Above and Beyond Ceremony
• January 2018 – Participated in American Heart Association Little Hats, Big Hearts Campaign.

Spring is here and summer is around the corner.  When thinking/making new projects, consider using lighter materials and colors.





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