Author: Mark Lang

Bootie Sizes by Weight Length 1-3 lbs 1.5-2″ 3-5 lbs 2.5-3″ 6-8 lbs 3-3.5″ 9-11 lbs 3.25-3.75″ Knitting Patterns Easy Baby Boo...

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Baby Booties

SBU Hospital NICU is requesting hats with 22-35cm (8.6-13.7 inch) circumference. Preemie Hats Hat Type Hat Circumference Hat Height 1-2 lbs 7.5-8̸...

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Infant & Preemie Hats

Preemie, Infant Youth and Young Adult Blanket Type Dimensions Baby 42″ x 52″ Square Baby 36″ to 42″ Infant/Crib Blanket 45R...

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Lap Blankets

Pumpkin Knit Hat – Sonnentaler blog Pumpkin Knit Hat and Booties – Lion Brand Yarn Apple Knit Hat – let me explaiKnit blog Sunshine ...

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Fall/Winter Patterns

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