Alright its finally my turn again, since i just wrote half my blog until the computer somehow erased it before i could save it. but yea The last week has been a lot of data collecting and processing this data.  My topic is to get the species diversity of hard corals and also the percent coverage of hard coral versus the percent coverage of algae on the fore reef infront of our Discovery Bay Marine Lab. I will be comparing my results to a previously written paper in 1994 by a fellow by the name of Aronson, who collected the same information. I am trying to look at long term coral change of our reef, simply… is it doing better or worse. But i have only one more dive left to collect all my data, so i’m almost done collecting and will be soon looking at my results. And for the family reading YES i did say one more Dive. I did get scuba certified while down here, among others. Figured i’d throw you a curve ball. It is one of the most narly things i have ever done. So cool, you feel like your cheating death by breathing under water and it makes the Jamaican experience so much better. As seen below as i "search" for my new location for data collecting. But ummm yea today started out with the usual breakfast from our wonderful cooks. Then a morning dive outside Discovery Bay…followed by lunch….blah blah blah. Same ol stuff, BUT today we were again let out of our cage. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day…hardly any clouds, mid 80’s…perfection. Oh by the way, hows the weather in NY??? anyway we went to Cranbrook forest, an amazing piece of land that stretched out into the mountains. We got to hike around the woods while following a river that led to a water fall where we could all go swimming and cool off. This place was straight out of a movie if you ask me, so beautiful, they even had natural vines coming down off a ridge where you could swing out into a natural pool. To say the least today’s trip was one of the major highlights for me during this class. Besides our riveting lectures given by Brad and Chris. Afterwards we drove back to the ‘bat cave’ to eat dinner and go over a few things about our finals papers. Now i find myself here and soon after at my computer going over what i collected today….nice right. So here i must leave you and say fare well. special shout to the fam…love and miss ya…….Give my Ella girl a kiss for me. I’ll see you soon….tons of stories….one love! oh and Caulerpa!

-Tim D


3 thoughts on “CAULERPAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Wow, I can’t believe what an amazing experience you’ve had…and scuba diving? You are NARLY!!!!:) Your project sounds so interesting, can’t wait to hear every, single, last story!!!!!! Ella misses you too much and so do we…

  2. Dear Uncle Timmy,
    I love looking at the fish pictures. I miss you and can’t wait to drool on, oops I mean kiss you.
    Love, Ella

  3. Hi Tim – I love your pictures! Scuba certified -I am very impressed – what a secret. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.
    I like your research project choice. It sounds like it will have real value in tracking changes.
    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the land of the cold – although today was very mild.
    Have a good flight.
    Love, Mom

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