23 Jan – Saving the best for last

an evening at the Ultimate Jerk and a late night of shenanigans back at
Discovery Bay, many were off to a later start than usual this morning. The
morning itself was uneventful. Some went out snorkeling for the last time in
Jamaica, others worked on finishing up their projects. As for myself, I dragged
myself out of bed at 10, checked my email around 11, posted my 5 best pictures
from Jamaica, and then wandered around until lunch where I beheld a sight that
I and many others had been longing for for so long.  Beef patties! There was enough for all to have
2 and then some, but we soon found out that only half were beef, the other half
chicken. Initially I had grabbed 2 chicken patties, not knowing that the
mysterious green blob on the tops marked them as being chicken, and in a panic
I nearly missed exchanging one of them for a true beef patty. 

The last afternoon at Discovery Bay
was a hot one, maybe the hottest yet, with a high temperature lingering around
87 degrees (or so I was told). After lunch Sumo, Margaret, and I went to the
computer lab/library/classroom to finish up our final presentation. The lab/library/classroom,
which happens to be the only room accessible to us that is equipped with air
conditioning, was bustling with people all afternoon as they tried to finish
their projects and stay cool. As the afternoon wore on Brian put on some South
Park which offered a good distraction for an hour or so.

When dinner finally came it was
clear that the best meals were saved for last. First, beef patties for lunch
and then BBQ chicken and ribs with potato salad for dinner and cherry
cheesecake for dessert! It was a meal of meals and perfect fuel for the work
still to come that night in preparation for final presentations.

Now, as I look down at my unevenly
tanned arms I feel for a moment some regret that I’ll be leaving tomorrow and unable
to tan more, and some disdain for my wetsuit that kept me covered from the sun
while I snorkeled, but neither outweighs the feeling of excitement that I feel
when I think of going home tomorrow. Back to New York where, even though it’s
cold and snowy, the showers are hot, I have my own room, and cough medicine is easily


Margaret snorkeling



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