Project abstract: Effects of the feeding habits of Aplysia dactylomela resultant from changes in photoperiods and thermal variation


Hadler and Jason Kahen


habits of the
Aplysia dactylomela
were observed under varied conditions of light and temperature. The
A. dactylomela were
subjected to twenty-hour hour cycles of complete darkness, light and
a 2° C increase in the water temperature. Statistical analysis of
the data was unable to be preformed due to faulty data collection and
test methods. The raw data appears to indicate that there is no
significant difference in the herbivory rates when the light or
temperature is changed. The total amounts eaten the control and the
experimental groups were within one percent of each other for the
dark treatment and within five percent of each other for the light
treatment. The heat treatment had vastly different results for both
the control and experimental compared to the other two tests and
should be discounted because of this.
experiments provided general observations about the feeding behavior
A. dactylomela though
and a lesson in laboratory procedures.

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