12 Jan AM – I’m Down.

I’m glad that we have been able to get a bunch of diving in during the past couple days. I absolutely love to dive! This is the first time for me and many of us that when we dive down we’ve actually got work to do down there instead of just touring the area. While to some it may sound boring that we spend 45 minutes along only 60 ft of sea floor, but it’s actually really exciting to see all of the different types of corals, fish, and invertebrates that are so intricately woven into every square inch of the reef. It is also extremely rewarding to go down there and come back up with data that can be used in present times to further the world’s understanding of the reef and its inhabitants.

Billy Lake - Kevin Ids corals
Kevin helps figure out what species of coral are in our sample location.

 Data collection doesn’t always go as smoothly as it sounds though. Simple actions, such as measuring objects or taking clear pictures, become more difficult when you are being constantly moved by the surge of the ocean. The challenge just makes the dive that much more interesting and exciting. It’s a lot of fun to come up with a plan of action on land and then get in the water and carry out that plan despite the challenges. I can’t wait to get back down there again tomorrow!

Billy Lake - Laura measures coral
Laura takes measurements of the coral for later analysis.

– Billy Lake

6 thoughts on “12 Jan AM – I’m Down.

  1. Billy,
    Thanks for the fascinating photos and story! All of these blogs are great to read for those of us at home. Best, Rachel

  2. You guys look like pros! I agree with Rachel, I look forward to checking the blogs and seeing what you are up to. Enjoy!:)

  3. Billy,
    Great post! You make it all sound so fun and interesting, I almost want to jump in the water – well, the warm Jamaican water, not the frigid New England water! Heve a wonderful time and make great discoveries.

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