12 Jan AM – Mad Brittlestar Fun

Today I started to collect brittle stars. I need to collect them by the hundreds for my project. It’s been raining a lot lately even though this is Jamaica’s dry season. I hope we get some sunny weather so I can start on a tan. Yesterday it started raining midday just as I started to lay out. Snorkeling has been mad fun, especially at night. I’ve seen two octopus’s in one outing. Wish I had my camera with me to snap a pick at them. Can’t wait to go to Ocho Rios tomorrow, I promised my parents I’d bring back some souveniers. It’s been a very fun time so far, I hope to do some productive research.

Nate_Brittle Star
The type of brittle stars I will have to be collecting hundreds of. It should be fun to go snorkeling for them. These guys are all over the place

 - Nate



12 thoughts on “12 Jan AM – Mad Brittlestar Fun

  1. Nate, Nice picture,some really cool stuff your working on.I really miss you,but I know your having a great time.Take alot of pictures if you can so I can see them when you get home.DAD.

  2. Nate, I am the guy who got all the wood from your Dad’s “Forest Cleaning”. Beautiful pics, Be careful, snorkeling may become a hobby, I got hooked a long time ago, Enjoy!!!!! Chris Hoffman

  3. Nat, Nice pic, have you seen any jacks, or bonefish in your snorkling?? Perhaps you should be dragging a small shrimp pattern behind your flippers to see if we can catch a few on the FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember, Fishing is life,

  4. Nate, very cool picture, and I’m sure a very nice experience for you, please take the time to enjoy it and realize how lucky you are to have parents that would let you have this opportunity.. take care and good luck in your quest… Dave Hilmi

  5. nice job!!!!!!!!! i know that your mother and father are real proud of you, keep up the good work. be safe and have a good trip back.

  6. Nate, I am so jealous! It sounds like you’re having a fantastic time dancing with the brittle stars. When you get home, just avoid me until your tan fades away.

  7. Nate,
    Your pictures and blog postings are really inspiring! It looks like an entirely different world down there. I’m impressed with how brave you are, to dive down under the ocean. While you do make it sound inviting, I think I will content myself with viewing this world through your eyes! Thanks for sharing your experiences for us armchair explorers!

  8. We’ll be interested to hear what your project is going to be doing with hundreds of brittle stars… We’re praying for clear skies, but I’m not excited about my Prof coming with a tan (no, I’m not jealous much…)

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