13 Jan AM – What a day…

Don't even know where to start, but I'm going to try with the begging. I woke up early to get in a nice shallow dive in for my Thallassia project with Kevin and John. Getting much more acclimated to the water which is a great change of pace for me. Once we got back in it was time to leave for our trip to Dunn's River Falls and Ocho Rios! I never thought I could have such an amazing time at a waterfall but, never the less, it was a blast. The weather was about 90 degrees and very sunny, and I was surrounded by great people; a good recipe for a memorable day. After running up and down this beautiful river/waterfall we made our way to the city of Ocho Rios, where we were mixed in with the thousands of other tourists from the tremendous cruise ships docked right in the port. Words could not express the fun I, along with many others, had on this outing. Between bartering for little souvenirs, Jamaican food, and the sun shining down, who could ask for a better time?


Everyone cheesing for the camera at Dunn’s River Falls. Get up stand up! YEA MON!

– Gary

5 thoughts on “13 Jan AM – What a day…

  1. Glad you were able to experience Jamaica tourism! Keep enjoying it. We’re praying for good weather for you! 🙂

  2. All of us in NY know that you are jealous of us… We had a whole 3 minutes of snow, while you had only 90 degree weather, sun, SCUBA diving, and a waterfall. You are definitely jealous

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