13 Jan PM – Cold showers aren’t so bad now…


We got to sleep in a bit today with a 9am leaving time. We were off to climb the Dunns River Falls. On the way down to the bottom of the falls you have to walk through mazes of people offering you all kinds of little knick-knacks, for outrageous prices. When we got down to the bottom of the falls it was an amazing site! We all just ran towards it and began to climb. I really enjoyed challenging myself when it came to climbing; my group always took the more difficult side, which was also good because it was less crowded. My group ended up climbing up twice, the second time around we really challenged ourselves. I have all the bruises and scrapes to prove it, but it was definitely the most amazing thing we have done so far. I have never had so much fun.

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This is a picture of one portion of the falls covered in the tourists that we had to get around.

After the falls we got to go to Ochos Rios where we got to do a little shopping. A few of us tried to go to Margaritaville, but it was packed out so we decided to go to this little jerk-chicken place. The food was amazing, but it took forever to get it, so we didn’t get to much shopping time. I will tell you now I am not the most skilled barterer, but some of the people in our group were pros. So we all bought a lot and had an amazing day. My favorite part has yet to come though because it happened later that night when we all decided to go sit by the waterfront and saw an Eagle Ray jump out of the water and swim right in front of us. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day.



Today we started bright and early. We all needed to be on the dock my 7am. Everyone was talking about how sore they were from the previous days adventure. We were on our way out for a trip to Rio Bueno where there is a reef wall for the divers to swim along, like me, and a flat reef for the snorkels to view. We were told that there may be a possibility of a sea turtle sighting, but we weren’t so lucky this time. Either way though I still had so much fun and got to see so much. Plus the boat ride was nice too.



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  1. Did anyone get a photo of the Eagle Ray jumping out of the water? That was so cool! Thanks for sharing that! Did you wonder why it had jumped out of the water…? Happy diving!

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