12 Jan PM – “When it Rains It Pours and Opens Doors”

When it Rains It Pours and
Opens Doors”

Train (the band) couldn’t have
said it better in their song “When I Look to the Sky” to describe
our day. As we continue to experience rain here and there throughout
the trip, yesterday for a majority of the afternoon it was pouring
and I don’t mean a little patter here and there, I mean where we
physically stopped in our tracks and had to ask ourselves “is that
rain?” So even though we all had to put our sun tans on hold for a
while, we still made the most of our day. Some of us braved the water
and swam against the waves to the point where our thighs burned and
were at the point of complete exhaustion, while others stayed in the
lab and ran endless trials of our experiments where they either
worked or ended with us yelling at them.

Let’s just say by the end,
we were all exhausted from our productive day. Not only did the rain
encourage us to do nonstop work on our projects but it also brought
us closer together as a group and strengthened the friendships being
made, whether it was with people or organisms. By dinner time, we had
all had enough and just wanted to relax. Ping pong games, card
activities, or standing outside and talking which all concluded with
the endless laughing and watching of Despicable Me (even though some
of us ended up falling asleep through it). At the end of the day, we
were all tired and bodies were like jello but went to bed relaxed and
content with our day…for the most part.

Picture 1
A rainbow between the storms

Picture 2
Amir, Sam, Clara and Allie all hanging out after dinner   




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