17 Jan PM – Breakin’ it Down and Packin’ it Up

Breakin’ it Down and Packin’ it Up

Today was the last day to run our experiments. Everyone has been running around gathering final data and breaking down their experiment setups. My groups experiment was set up in the field testing habitats in the back reef. We had originally set our experiment earlier in the week using a boat and Mr. Scarlett’s Scuba Diving Skills. Today the boats were being occupied by professors for their own projects. Luckily my group had just gotten scuba certified. We swam out with all our gear to break down all our equipment. Even though we brought floats, we had to carry over 100lbs more than a quarter of a mile back to shore. Me and my Partner were half choking through our snorkels barley afloat swimming for our lives. Once we were on shore we were glad that it was over. The rest of the day was spent looking at species which had inhabited our gear that we had never seen before. The tiny Grass Squid (Pickfordiateunthis pulchella) was spotted inking at us while we uprooted its home. There were also angry crabs and even a mysterious fish that our professors couldn’t identify.

Photo1 (640x480)
Aaron demolishing their Reef Condos!

Photo2 (640x480)
“Don’t Take my Home!” says the crab Mithrax sculptus

Photo3 (640x480)
Ten Jamaican Dollars to anyone who can identify this fish!!

– Aaron

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