18 Jan AM – Tying Up Loose Ends

Up Loose Ends

second to last day here at Discovery Bay is by no means a relaxing
day off as everyone in scrambling to get their trials and final
presentations completed as well as the five best pictures we must
submit all before breakfast the next day. I firmly believe everyone
on this trip will be sad to leave Jamaica, however we have all missed
some of the commodities which we take for granted found back home. I
know the first thing on my to do list when I arrive back in New York
(besides working on my research paper) is to get some pizza and take
a nice and long, hot shower! Preparing to embark on my journey back
home has inspired me to reflect on all of the spectacular adventures
and journeys I have shared with all my newly acquired friends.
Looking back I can only hope that I will have the privilege of
experiencing another vacation and/or research trip as rewarding as
this in the future.

Caption 1
Me observing Rock-boring Urchins for one of our experiments.

Caption 2
Mike putting together his final presentation.

Caption 3
Nick cleaning out his wet lab before 4pm.

– Kyle

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