15 Jan 2015 – Beyond the Wall

Greetings friends and family from beyond the wall. No not the game of thrones wall but rather the coral reef wall at Rio Bueno. This morning the group met at the dock 7am sharp ready to set out for the reefs of Rio Bueno. After a short boat ride west we had arrived and were ready to go. Snorkelers took in the sights from above while Brad, Joe, and John led the divers below. We descended to about 20ft and found ourselves in what seemed like another planet. It was filled with fish, corals and all kinds of marine creatures you only read about in books. Once we were settled Brad signaled us to follow him through a sand trench. A few minutes later I looked up and saw nothing but empty ocean. That’s when I looked down and realized I was at the edge of what everyone had been referring to as “the wall”. Below me was a drop off into the abyss.

Down wall

The unknown beyond the wall.

Following Brad we began do descend down the wall deeper and deeper to about 60ft. Along the way I saw countless species of corals, fish and other marine creatures. By far the coolest thing I saw was a spotted eagle ray swimming off in the distance patrolling the reef. We stayed down there for about half an hour and made out way back through a beautiful trench and made our way back up to the boat. All in all a very cool site with lots to see. That’s if for now guys, see you in a week!


Through the trench


14 thoughts on “15 Jan 2015 – Beyond the Wall

  1. Wow, just wow! Words can’t seem to do justice to what you’re experiencing. Enjoy the time you have left, I’m sure it’ll fly by!

  2. Stathi… First off, congrats on getting certified!! really cool!
    Second.. really cool pics!! enjoy your learning experience!

  3. What a fantastic experience, Stathi! I’ll share your blog with Panos… I’m sure it will motivate him to pursue his own adventure!

  4. The photos reminded me of Finding Nemo scenes. The discoveries are amazing Stathi. I can’t wait see what you do next.

  5. Wow Stathi I really enjoyed g reading your blog and seeing all the cool pictures of what you saw. I hope you have a fun time for the rest of the time that you are there.

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