13 Jan PM – Phenix’s SCUBA adventure

Phenix Nunlee in his full SCUBA kit.

Phenix Nunlee in his full SCUBA kit.

Today I began my second day of SCUBA class. The only problem with this second day is I had to miss breakfast and delay lunch by about 2 and a half hours. Just the day before we were just taking our first breaths under water. We now in our second day of confined pool dives are learning about how to perform effectively in the water. Yesterday we mainly focused on basic tasks such as clearing our SCUBA Mask and obtaining neutral buoyancy. Today we where able to put our gear on effortlessly numerous time and we took our SCUBA kit off underwater. However, the most interesting part of the day was the when we planned a drive to find some coins at the bottom of pool. The original plan that was employed by my driving buddy and me was have one who collected coins then the other would hold the coins. This plan was destroyed when we where told we had to hold the coins in our mask. Adjustments where made to the strategies which was mainly grab as many coins as possible now. Also, the reward for collecting the most coins was jerk chicken or pork for the dive partners. I had beat out many of my fellow competitor in getting coins. While my dive partner ran into dive kit difficulties which stopped them from participating from the main coin grab section. I was very successful in grabbing coins but, it was not enough and lost by one coin. It has been a very busy but, interesting day.

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