13 Jan PM – More dive training adventures

Practicing our technique in the swimming pool.

Practicing our technique in the swimming pool.

Today the DITs including myself had to be up and ready at the dock at 7am. This meant we skipped breakfast so we all grabbed some snacks and brought them with us. It was a beautiful day and I was eager to get back to training. The plan was to get finished by lunch at 1pm so we could eat with everyone else. We finished pool dive 4 out of 5 at 12:45 which meant we would miss lunch, it was okay because the head of the kitchen, Precious would save us plates. The food has been different every meal but no one is ever disappointed. There is also always bread to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so that is my go-to when I’m hungry in between meals. Back to the diving training… It has been a very rewarding experience so far. In the beginning when Dayne (our instructor) told us that we would have to swim without a mask or remove all our gear we were all terrified. Today we had to remove our weights, gear, and he turned our tanks off so we were able to see what it was like when we run out of air. Tomorrow we will begin the last step of our certification, Open water dives. We will be doing two tomorrow and two Friday and then we will all be certified to dive up to 60 feet. Overall I am happy that I signed up to get certified and I am already planning my next diving trip. 


3 thoughts on “13 Jan PM – More dive training adventures

  1. Seems like you are staying busy! So nice to hear about your experiences so far and I can tell you are learning a lot. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Wow, Alyssa, seems like a great time and the pictures are beautiful.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. Enjoy, Love you see you soon.

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