12 Jan PM – A day to remember

A perfect day to have fun, eat and nap on our way back.

The weather has given us a different game play. Regardless of the new changes, we’re all having a great time in Jamaica. Today we had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the island on a road trip. Some of us were able to see horses, goats, trees and interesting things we’ve never seen before. After climbing a waterfall, we were able to go to Ocho Rios, a very colorful and creative place. The streets of this area of the island are filled with painting, handmade sculptures and a local market that supports the lives of hundreds of people. Their daily work sustains their family and they are willing to bargain to convince the buyers and take some money home. It was a totally new experience for me to bargain and obtain certain items for a much cheaper price. These people will always give you a price, then a discount and if you offer then less they would take it as well. They greet you with the most flattering phrases as a technique to call your attention and convince you to choose their store over any other. We all had a great time going up a waterfall, buying souvenirs for our families, eating at the local restaurant and exploring this beautiful island. On our way back some of us were so tired, we couldn’t resist the urge to a take a nap.

– Juicy Juali

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