14 Jan PM – Hello everyone!

First of all, I have to apologize that I wrote my blog late. I should have writen my blog yesterday, but I went to scuba diving training yesterday until 5’o clock, and I just fell asleep after dinner, because I felt very tired.

Yesterday, Alex and I went to a swimming pool to learn scuba diving. So we stay in the water for 5 hours. That was freezing under the water. In the morning, we went to the swimming pool and started the training. Before we started the training, we floated in the swimming pool for 10 minutes. Then we suited up and learned something about the equipment. During the training, there were a lot of interesting things. For example, we need to breath underwater without the mask, clean the mask underwater, move out and move in the weight underwater, and ascent like superman after we finish diving.

Finally, we finish the training before dinner. That’s a wonderful day. And now, I’m so excited about the scuba diving two days later. Hope the wind will be stopped 2 days later.

This is an ocean urchin we found in the lab. It looks like a hedgehog.

This is an ocean organism we found in the lab. It looks like a hedgehog.

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