17 Jan PM – No D.I.T.’s Left Behind!

After many hopeful mornings and a few not so hopeful mornings we are proud to say that all the DIT’s (divers in training) are now just D’s (divers)! In other words, we all passed our SCUBA certifications and with 2 days to spare. So now we can explore the hole, or maybe just hover at the bottom and take better photos but always with a buddy.

It was a little tricky getting here, some of us (only one of us) had some stubborn ear issues, but their stubborn anyways so I guess they were just SOL, maybe they’ll remember what that means later.

Sting ray.

The photo sadly is not from the dives because no cameras for DITs, so instead here is a cool photo of a Southern Stingray we saw snorkeling yesterday- yes it was big, and yes we followed it. Then we followed the barracuda; don’t worry mom I still have all my toes but the sun is definitely going to my head!

We stretched out the day with midafternoon Yoga taught by one of the fabulous grad students and I think everyone fried their brains in the sun even more- there are plenty of rosy cheeks to be found.

And now as everyone starts to figure out their final presentations between snorkel trips it’s a little bittersweet that the trip is coming to an end. I know for me at least, I’ll be coming back and hopefully the wind stays away.

– Rachel

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