18 Jan AM – Sunny with a chance of Rain?

We can finally say that the wind has died down compared to last week, but now it seems like we need to be concerned with the rain? This Jamaican weather is really messing with all of our emotions. Yesterday it was so beautiful all day, except for when our afternoon rainstorm came rolling in. I don’t know if it can really be considered a rainstorm if it only rains for 10 minutes and then stops, but that’s what we’ve been having. This morning I woke up to a downpour of rain, and when I went downstairs for breakfast, the rain had already stopped and the sun came out. But hey, if we’re already supposed to be in the water, who really cares about getting wet in the rain, right?

Yesterday we spent most of our day in the water and it was such a relief to finally be done with lectures and be able to spend all of our time actually looking at what learned about. The DITs (divers in training) went out yesterday morning to finish up their certification, so TA Collin took the snorkelers out and we saw a huge eel (it was huge in my eyes).

The “HUGE” eel!

Then after the lunch, the DITs had returned so we all went and laid out to soak up some Jamaican sun before it was gone. But as we’re lying there, it kept getting darker and the clouds were rolling in pretty quickly and it started to drizzle, but we were in denial and thought it was just some sea spray from the ocean. Once we realized it was actually rain and that it was going to downpour on us, we all picked up our stuff and ran in search of dry land! Then the rain stopped and we all went back out into the water and Shannon found a beautiful starfish that we all took pictures of, and then she collected it and put it in her wet lab collection (don’t worry the animals get released back after were done looking at them). Alex collected some pretty cool things for our collection also, but his favorite were the donkey dungs, and I think its because they were the easiest to catch… the poor things don’t move, they just sit at the bottom of the ocean!

Shannon’s pretty sea star!

I think its pretty safe to say we all had our fun in the sun yesterday, hopefully today well have just as much fun!

– Jess

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