12 Jan – Bon Voyage to my Sea Cucumber <3

Yesterday, a few of us went down to the boardwalk off by the mangroves. Lucy and I went by ourselves first, so we ended up clearing out all the spider webs for everyone else later. The boardwalk itself was really nice with signs detailing the various species and organisms found along the trail.

Watch your step!

We had a fun time, even though walking was difficult because of all the rocks shells and coral on the shore – if you look closely in the photo, you can see that Lucy’s sandal is not fully on her foot).

Until next time, Barbara.

We also decided to say goodbye and release our live organisms in the wet tables because some organisms were beginning to not look so happy. Lucy had to part ways with her beloved rock-boring urchin, Barbara. I believe their paths will cross again in the near future.

With love,
Elderberry Erin

1 thought on “12 Jan – Bon Voyage to my Sea Cucumber <3

  1. Lucy cleared spider webs?!!!!!!!!!! She hates spiders more than anything!!!!! Good girl!!!!! Glad she won’t be bringing Barbara home!!!

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