12 Jan – Good Morning from Jamaica :)

Rainbow, pelican, and ocean after a little rain shower.

I’d like to dedicate this post to talking about my appreciation of the island since the waves haven’t calmed down enough the past few days enough for us to do any diving. Okay so not only is the Bay extremely beautiful and the ocean as majestic as ever, but all of the life that inhabits the water is something I can’t get over. From the tiny spines that move a Tripneustes ventricosus across the sea floor, to the Octopus Briasrus propelling its’ tentacles to move swiftly, they all move in such a motion that is almost like music. Totally nerding out right now but learning about the history and diversity of Discovery Bay and local species oceanside is so fascinating. A lot of us study outside in the sun by the docks, getting a tan and getting smarter at the same time because it’s so relaxing. I never want to leave, ily Jamaica <3333 [caption id="attachment_1121" align="alignnone" width="685"] Before seeing what was in this invasive species’ belly .[/caption]

Wishing the moon came out looking like a moon in photos.

• Dragonfruit Daeyla

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