Setting that aren’t easy to find in Zoom

Zoom has a lot of features.



Some of them are not by any means easy to locate.  I mean, even not easy enough that I may have told you that apparently we didn’t have access to those features.

So here is the issue.  You need to create the zoom meeting room through blackboard.  That way it is tied to your course, and has all your students getting easy access.  But after you save the room:

Leave Blackboard.

Go to and login back in

To find the option for preassigning break out rooms:

and click on Meetings and find the meeting room you just made.

Click on it’s name and then go to the bottom and find Edit this Meeting.

Towards the bottom, in the Meeting Options section, you will see Breakout Room pre-assign. This lets you create the rooms manually, or with a CSV file.

Set a Virtual Background, Controlling who can share screens, send invites to meetings in different languages, etc:

Go to Settings on the left menu and dig through this area.  Note that some options are locked by “admin”.

Actually choose the Virtual Background:

This must be done in settings in the Zoom application. (Oiy!)  It will download a virtual desktop package to your machine the first time.

Leave some comments below if you find more “hidden” features in zoom!


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Webinar: How TurningPoint can help educators with remote learning

In this challenging time, many schools have had to quickly adapt to the elimination of face-to-face instruction. Join us to learn how TurningPoint can support and enhance your virtual learning environment. This session will cover topics on engaging remote students with real-time formative assessment, in-the-moment engagement and the scheduling of questions and content for offline completion.

Tuesday, March 24 at 9 a.m. ET

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Providing a Web Conferencing Solution that Includes Phone Support

The web conferencing solution given here will work from the Google Apps that you are already familiar with.  We will start in the Calendar App.

Create a new Event.

Give it a name.

click on Add rooms, Location or conferencing

Then click on “Add conferencing”

This will immediately give you a Join Hangouts Meet link and the URL is seen below that link.

Use the chevron to it’s left to see more information

Now… you can see a phone number and meeting room PIN that you can also provide to your class. (Do not use the number or URL shown above. Use your own.)

Rather than try to invite your whole class under Add Guests… take this information and get it to your student via Blackboard or email. Just provide them with the URL, phone number, date and time.

Google Hangouts Meet will handle up to 250 participants in a single room.

New Live Streaming Attendance Feature

This new feature is available for those instructors who have live streaming turned on inside of Echo360.  It will show, as seen below, who is logged into the live stream, as well as log this information (and the total connection time) for your use in calculating attendance.

If this feature makes a difference in your decision on whether you want to turn on live streaming, please contact us at to make any changes to your capture schedule.

SBU Inspirations 2020 – Please nominate students to participate!

SBU Inspirations 2020

SBU InspirationsIn Fall 2019, CELT staff talked to students on campus who asked if there was a way that students could share with faculty ways that they use technology for academic purposes. We have partnered with the Career Center and are excited to announce the Spring 2020 SBU Inspirations Student Technology Showcase.

On February 24th, a call will be sent out to all students inviting them to submit videos (no longer than 4 minutes) that :

  • focus on experiential and applied learning pieces.
  • highlight assignments for EXP+, DIV or SPK course where technology is used to complete that assignment
  • showcase services Stony Brook provides that students can use to share their talents

If you have a student who you believe should submit a video, please nominate them!

If you are interested in participating as a judge, please self nominate via the nomination form at:

What’s New in Blackboard Webinars – Fri 1/31 1-2pm EST & Tues 2/4 12:30-1:30pm | Registration Required!

On Friday 1/31 from 1-2pm EST &  Tuesday 2/4 from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm EST , CELT’s Instructional technologist will host a webinar via Adobe Connect on What’s New in Blackboard

This webinar provides a  brief overview of the new features in Blackboard:

  1. Attendance Tool
  2. Additional attempts – anonymous grading – instructors can now allow additional attempts from anonymous grader
  3. Specific privileges for TA’s – delegated grading

In order to access the webinar, you will need to register!

Spring Semester is quickly approaching….time to request Echo 360 Lecture recordings

Echo360 provides two tools instructors can use to record lectures:

1. Universal Capture from your personal device.

2. Lecture Capture in some Lecture halls** including audio, screen capture, on-screen notations, and/or a video feed of the lecturer.

**If you would like Echo to record your lectures in a classroom, CELT staff need to schedule recordings for you. Please submit your request online at: