Videos from the March 14th Women’s Leadership Symposium

Susan Fioto – Scared Speechless: How You Can Overcome One of the World’s Biggest Fears and Find YOUR Voice!
Director, Residential Financial Services, Campus Residences & President, Brookhaven Toastmasters
The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only be accomplished, they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback—and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership.  Let’s find YOURS!

Amanda Ferranti, MA, CMPC – Harnessing Sports Psychology Methods for Professional Development
Director and Founder of Ferranti Empowerment; AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant
A presentation of the methods used in sports psychology with the objective of inspiring women to acknowledge and overcome gender-related obstacles in their pursuit of professional goals.

Christine Pacinello, Ed.D. & Juanita Winfield –  Leading Without Self-Glory…Servant Leadership and its Relevance to 21st Century Organizations
Our presentation will define and discuss the origins of servant leadership, identify characteristics of servant leaders and the benefits to organizations and their members. Presenters will discuss their research findings and implications for leaders.

Tina Annibell – The Breakfast Experiment: 5 Days to Increased Energy and a Positive Mood
Owner and Founder, Nourished Living Holistic Nutrition; Holistic Health Coach
In this session, Tina Annibell, of Nourished Living will discuss how the foods we eat affect our overall health and well being. Are you ready to be part of the Breakfast Experiment? 


Nancy Burner, Esq. – Why Women Need to Mentor Women – The Silver Lining in the #MeToo Movement
Founding Manager & Partner, Burner Law Group; Certified Elder Law Attorney
We find ourselves in a unique place in history. Now is the time to seize the moment and bring about positive and lasting change. This will be a frank discussion about how women must step up to plate and mentor other women in every age group and at every stage of life.  Whether you are just starting out, stuck in a boring job, juggling family and work, returning to work after having a family or ready for a fresh challenge in your Third Age, this lecture will give you tools to get unstuck and move toward a vibrant and wholehearted life.  Nancy Burner is mother to 6 daughters and founder of the largest all female law firm in the Tri-state area.

Marilyn Haig, MPS – Rising Above the Noise: Strategies for the Introverted Leader
Director, Corporate Education & Training, Stony Brook Hospital
Do you find that you have to work harder to overcome being disregarded or misunderstood because of your quiet demeanor? Do you have a preference for thinking before you speak? Do you need “alone time” to recharge your energy level? Are you concerned that your career progression may be hampered because you are not “outgoing”? There’s nothing wrong with you; you just may be among the one third to one half of Americans who are introverts. Introverts possess many unique characteristics that make them successful leaders. By sharing a personal story of recovering from a professional setback, Ms. Haig will share tips and techniques to enhance your impact as an introverted leader.


Lauren Gallagher, PhD – Lead Your Best Life: Unlocking the Mysteries of Positive Leadership.
Co-Founder of Sync it Up Sports; School Psychologist, Harborfields Central School District
Unlocking the mystery of good leadership always begins with connecting to your own passion and purpose.   Unleash the natural born leader in you by listening to Lauren’s personal journey from NYC school teacher and bartender to practicing school psychologist, children’s author, mother, coach and business owner.  She will share her secrets for helping you move forward in your growth as a leader by tapping into the inner tools you already possess.  You will learn to grow from the people you come into contact each day as well as learn to think and be inspired by those at the top of their game.  Lauren is passionate about inspiring and teaching children and adults to be the best versions of themselves and in doing so become confident and competent leaders of their own lives.  Whether you are a young woman just beginning her journey, the CEO of a large corporation, or the leading force in your family, you will leave with practical tools and the inspiration needed to help you grow as a person and flourish as a leader.


Robin Burner Daleo, Esq. – Financial Independence: How to Have It All!
Associate, Burner Law Group, P.C
How can you achieve financial independence, but still have it all? Join us as we discuss work life balance and achieving your financial goals at any life stage without sacrificing joy.


Marianna Savoca, Ph.D., Patricia Aceves, Ed.D., Alfreda James, Ph.D., Jonelle Bradshaw de Hernandez, A.B.D., – Mid-career doctorate? Considerations, Realities, and Opportunities
Director, Career Services; Assistant Provost, CELT; Senior Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations – Stony Brook University
The motivations for earning a mid-career doctorate are varied and the reasons to begin this journey depend on the individual and career goals.  A desire for knowledge, self improvement, and career change or advancement are among the reasons women choose to pursue a terminal degree mid-career. Panelists will discuss their personal motivations, considerations, challenges and perceived benefits for choosing their degree. Also discussed will be the decision to choose between masters or doctorate, PhD or EdD.


Pamela Wolfskill – The Art of Journaling
Stony Brook University Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Science is only now discovering what people who journal regularly have known all along: journaling heals the mind. A study published in the online magazine Science found that if students write about their anxieties right before an exam, the exercise helps them score better in the test. A 2014 study even showed improvement in cancer patients who put pen to paper to express their deepest feelings about the disease. In fact, journaling is so powerful that it can even help people heal their physical wounds, found a 2008 study in the British Journal of Health Psychology. “When you write in a journal, you have the opportunity to examine challenging feelings and circumstances and to learn from them and rise above those situations,” says psychologist Paulette Kouffman Sherman. “When your life seems chaotic, it can help you to look at the larger picture and see patterns that help things make sense over time.


Susan Hayes – Leading with Confidence
Consultant, Hayes Horizons

What at the qualities of confident leaders as they influence others?  What are the habits you can work on right away?  Susan Hayes will present these concepts and how they situationally impact all of us as leaders.

Joe Bica & Peter Thomsen – Personal Safety and Self Defense Techniques for Women
Community Relations Team, Stony Brook University Police Department
In this session, you will learn about crime prevention and participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice self-defense skills.

Open SUNY Summit

I’ve really enjoyed this conference in the past.  I find that the speakers are generally extremely well curated from the keynote circuit of this years best conferences.  If you, like me, haven’t gotten to attend many conferences, you should consider watching this event via the live stream.  There is no cost and no registration requirements.

Further information is provided here: 

including information for the ability to interact via     and via twitter (#OpenSUNYsummit)

It starts tomorrow at 10:00 am (Weds Feb 28th)

New Box View grading in blackboard

Just change the ending to “if you have any questions, please feel free to contact CELT at 2-2777 or”

If you want to be able to use these inline editing features, have your students submit MS Word .docx or .doc files.

Oldie but goodie – scrollbars missing in Blackboard

Let’s set the stage:

You are in your Blackboard grade center in your course.

There are plenty of columns, in fact you are pretty sure there are more than you can see at the moment.  But … there is the vertical scroll bar… and there, I’m pretty sure, is where  the horizontal scroll bar should be, but it is not.

Did I mention that you are on a Mac?  (I am too, no shame there.)

OK – this is a system setting on your Mac.  Go to the Apple menu.

Select “System Preferences…”

Now select General.

and finally, make sure “Show scroll bars:” is set to Always.


Using Google Drive for OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is when a program looks at the image with text, recognises those shapes as in fact being text, and then leaves you with a document that is editable as text.  (or at least matches this text up against the orginal file making it keyword searchable.)

It used to be that if you needed to do this you needed to have an expensive specialized program.  These days, you can do this with your google drive and google docs.


For example,

here is a picture of a page in an old dictionary. You may have taken this picture with your phone.

The first thing we want to do is convert it to a pdf.  You can do this in a number of ways, but I do it by choosing to print the file, not to paper, but to a pdf. This looks like this on a Mac (see thet pdf pulldown in the lower left?)

Now I have a pdf.

Note that this page does not have columns.  This freebie method doesn’t handle columns well.  You could still do it, but you would want to slice the image up so that in each picture was just one column, and then put them back together in the final document.

Next you take your pdf, and load it to your google drive:

Select File upload.

browse to your file and select it.

When it is done uploading, select “recent” so the new files are at the top and easy to find.

Now right click  the pdf and choose Open with -> Google Docs.

When you open an image based pdf in google docs, it will automatically runs OCR, giving you a file that look like this:

and now you have an editable document.

Are you fully using echo360?

Lecture Recordings in lecture halls with echo360:

If you are teaching in a classroom that has SB Capture (Echo) installed, and you would like your course recorded, make sure you submit a request  as soon as possible. (You will need to log into your Stony Brook Google Account to access the form). Other classrooms are equipped with echo360 recording devices in them, please contact us to confirm if your classroom has echo360 installed! If you choose to publish recordings to Blackboard, you will need to add your recordings to your course. The option of live streaming to your enrolled students is also available for these facilities. For more information, visit:

Personal Capture is available if you are not teaching in a room that has Echo installed or you would prefer to record lectures from your personal computer, please know that you can install personal capture and request that recordings are published in Blackboard.  For more information , visit:

Student Engagement enhances the utility of echo360 captures in the cloud platform. Students can engage with content, peers and instructors using echo360’s ability to take notes, ask questions and place study or confusion markers as they watch the videos.

Every user has their own Library in echo360, where they can upload video and powerpoint content to the cloud to be shared to individual students, small groups, other instructors or their entire class. Login to get started.

Winter Session – a great time for some technology testing

CELT is currently running a winter session pilot with zoom for web conferencing.  If you are an instructor teaching this winter, you should have already received two emails.  One inviting you to use your Zoom account, and one that includes a form asking you some questions about your previous experience with either Adobe Connect or Zoom in an educational setting.


Participating in the pilot does not mean you can’t use Adobe Connect.

zoom web sessions can be recorded and have robust analytics.  We received 200 host accounts to use until the 30th of January.  This may lead to another pilot in the spring if it goes well.

and From Turning Technologies

Take advantage of our free webinars!

Most instructors use TurningPoint as a quick and simple way to connect with students and support active learning. However, there is much more to TurningPoint, and you could be missing out.


Join us for a free webinar! Our experts will walk you through TurningPoint’s more advanced features so that you can be sure you are getting the most out of our software.

This webinar is perfect for individuals who are using basic multiple-choice questions and want to expand their use of the software. Learn such things as incorporating competitions, demographics, pre/post assessment and much more!
Thursday, December 7th at 2:00 PM EST

Are you interested in learning how TurningPoint can increase engagement and retention? Do you want to turn your current PowerPoints into interactive presentations? Join us for a 60-minute session that will teach you the basics of the software and how to quickly get up and running.
Wednesday, December 13th at 3:00 PM EST

Find out how to create TurningPoint questions that motivate and stimulate new learning, appropriately measure learning objectives, reinforce fundamental knowledge, sharpen reasoning skills and enhance quality control.
Thursday, December 14th at 2:00 PM EST


From echo360…

We are excited to announce that our support, documentation, and training resource site is now live with a single unified experience in our new Echo360 Resource Center!

The Resource Center was built with our institutions and our users in mind – whether you are an instructor, student or administrator, we’ve got a new and improved experience for you.


  • Improved Portal Login for Administrators
  • Easier-to-Find Content
  • Critical System Status

Check out this quick demo that showcases the exciting highlights.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.36.22 PM.png

What this means for you?

We are going to keep the legacy site ( and the Resource Center running in parallel until the end of January.  Many of our partner institutions have linked content from to internal help desk or vendor support sites within their institution.  Those links will need to be updated and relinked to the Resource Center.

We look forward to delivering you and your Echo360 user community a better experience.


Echo360 Academic Partnerships Team