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and Now for a TweetUP

on location in SAC A setting up
on location in SAC A setting up

Meet and Tweet with Three Wildlife Conservation Heroes

Conservationists Russell Mittermeier, Carl Safina and Patricia Wright work all around the globe, but one place unites them all:
Stony Brook University

These faculty are three of six finalists for the 2014 Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation.

Please join Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, as he opens this historic, interactive Earthstock event. Don’t miss theopportunity to meet and tweet alongside three of the most important and heroic wildlife conservationists of our time at the#IndyAtSBU tweetup.

Mingling and refreshments afterward.

Noon to 1:30 pm


Register in advance to attend in person (form)

To follow and join the conversation go to #IndyAtSBU via Twubs

About Stony Brook University’s Indianapolis Prize Finalists

Russell MittermeierRUSSELL A. MITTERMEIER, PhD,@RussMittermeier @ConservationOrg, is the president of Conservation International and an adjunct professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences. He has been nominated for his efforts to understand and educate others about the worldwide threats to biodiversity, his global efforts to conserve primates, and his work to create protected areas in some of the world’s highest priority hotspots.


Carl SafinaCARL SAFINA, PhD,@carlsafina, @BlueOceanInst, is a research professor in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and a visiting professor and board member of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. Founder of Blue Ocean Institute and known as the “voice of ocean conservation,” he has been sounding the alarm for the preservation of marine animals and the oceans that house them.

Pat WrightPATRICIA WRIGHT, PhD,@patcwright, is the founding director of Centre ValBio and the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments and a professor of anthropology. She has been recognized for her tireless work with lemurs in Madagascar, including the development of Ranomafana National Park, the home of 12 lemur species, some of which are listed among the world’s most endangered animals.


Representing the Indianapolis Prize

ShumakerROBERT SHUMAKER, PhD, @IndplsPrize, is Vice President of Life Sciences at the Indianapolis Zoo, which administers the Indianapolis Prize. He is internationally recognized as a leading expert on orangutan behavior and cognition. He’s been a faculty member at George Mason University and Drake University. Dr. Shumaker started his career at the Smithsonian National Zoo and also served as the senior scientist at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa.


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3D Curation for your Class

Are there objects that you want your students to closely observe from all sides, that you can’t easily just let them hold – maybe due to rarity, fragileness, general access issues… but that you personally have access to? Are there objects that would be better understood with that access, either from a 3d video model or a 3d printed model?  Accomplishing this type of project and putting these objects within reach of your students is probably easier than you imagine.

Watch this video and let your brain percolate.  Though this video shows the process from a desktop machine, the 123d Catch software can be run from a common ipad or iphone as well.


Let us know if you want some help with this kind of project!

VoiceThread Curious?

Stony Brook University has access to a large collection of lessons at I was looking inside their offerings today, and found some information about VoiceThread. VoiceThread allows one to upload a presentation, and then gives group access to leave texts comments, whiteboard/markup annotations and also audible comments. VoiceThread is often mentioned as a great supplemental tool for online teaching and active learning – so I thought I would share a link to the video here:

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.49.20 AM
Student Discussions with VoiceThread


(if you aren’t a SBU member, you can follow this link: – otherwise, click on the picture above.)

This particular video is part of a series of teaching with technology videos that have been strung together under the series title: Teacher Tips with Aaron Quigley. You will find that the series includes other useful topic including:

  • Flipping Your Classroom
  • Using Evernote in the Classroom
  • Understanding the Common Core
  • iPad for Educators Basics
  • Using Prezi in the Classroom
  • Blogging in the Classroom

and many more.