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Creating the graphics for the Partner Overrides in Coursera

I do instructional design/technical assistance with MOOCs from around SUNY that use the Coursera platform.  As part of that I’ve been creating the partner override graphics for the individual courses.

Also, due to some weirdness right now with Adobe going to an “app in the cloud” model and SUNY not liking it, I have been doing my graphic design outside of Photoshop.

For the regular Partner Logo Override, I simply grab the OpenSUNY logo and whatever the school logo(s) are and throw them together in Pages, do a tightly cropped screen grab and use the resulting png file.

For the Partner Logo Override for Signature Track, Coursera requires a SVG file, so it gets a little trickier. I’ve decided to use the program Inkscape.  This program runs in the X11 terminal – so you also have to install XQuartz. (I’m using a MAC – though  I am pretty sure that the application Inkscape runs on many OSes.)

From Inkscape I can easily import the file I made in Pages, but it has this page of white behind it.  Crop isn’t a thing easily found in Inkscape – so this note is primarily to remind myself how to produce my SVG file and get rid of all that white.

  1. Go to FileDocument Properties
  2. In the Custom size area on the Page tab, expand Resize Page to content
  3. Click the Resize page to drawing or selection button

That’s it!

 Embedding Qualtrics assessments into wordpress.

<iframe src='LINK to your form here' name='Qualtrics' scrolling='auto' frameborder='no' align='center' height='800px' width='100%'>

Once you have done this, change the “LINK to your form here” to the link to your Qualtrics form provided upon publishing your form.

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