What Holds America Together

David Brooks , an editor for the meritorious “New York times” Newspaper, shares his idea of what keep Americans together. He uses a scientific approach to encourage the reader to listen to a scientist rather than a journalist. Brooks states ”┬áDespite our differences, we devote our lives to the same experiment, the American experiment to draw people from around the world and to create the best society ever, to serve as a model for all humankind”. He gives himself higher credibility by treating his observations and ideas more like an experiment. Instead of listening to a journalist from new york you’re reading and articulating a scientist from harvard. He talks about walt witmans, essay specifying that democracy teaches how to become “high class men”. Brooks talks bout whitmans philosophy on his post-civil war beliefs. He thought with all of the cons of the civil war there would be unity but instead the opposite happen. A Large part of that he explained, is class systems in Europe denied unity and that america would fall back to European lifestyle. Nonetheless, The author believes unity is an experiment that all people subliminally follow and want to take part in by doing that creates a bond that all people share and that hold america together. All the different people trying to live amongst each other.

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