March 24, 2016

This week I learned how to create labels in my Gmail and how to change my settings to better organize my inbox. I can automatically put certain senders under certain labels by modifying the settings. This is really helpful for all the e-mails I will be receiving for not just work but also for my personal professional/social use. It really helps to have my e-mails organized so that I can quickly access important messages in my inbox.

Delegating is an important part of being a senior consultant. It may be difficult at times when the person you are delegating to is someone who is not just a fellow coworker but also a friend. As a senior consultant I should always maintain a professional environment and delegate fairly and properly. Regardless of what my relationship is with someone outside of work, I should always be professional and aware of my role within working hours.

ITSM is a significant component of our role as not just a senior consultant but also a consultant. It is significant for mediating issues to the proper specialists and also for record keeping. When creating an ITSM ticket for someone who has called the Support Line I must always take down as much information as I can and obtain their NetID, name, phone number, and e-mail address. This is a crucial part of finding a solution quickly and smoothly.


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