23 Jan – OMG Beef Patties

Today started off slow. 
It seems that instead of the usual torrent of people getting up at once,
it was more like a trickle.  The Ultimate
Jerk last night was likely responsible for this change.  Also, people not wanting to get up and admit
that this is the last full day in Jamaica. 
It seems crazy that the adventure is almost over.  There have been many fun and stressful times

The morning involved finishing our experiment.  We weighed our algae (slightly more exciting
than it sounds), and started to compute our data.  Then we went to lunch.  When the food trays were put out, Josh
shrieked a bit and exclaimed, “Beef patties!” 
The infamous Jamaican beef patties were to be our lunch, and everybody
was psyched.  In addition to the beef
patties, we had spicy chicken patties and a bread envelope for them.  It was delicious and everything we had hoped
and dreamed it would be.

After lunch, it was back to our projects.  Everyone (well, almost everyone), kept busy
doing various things for their experiments and presentations.  Before dinner, we settled our bills and were
greeted with another great meal: BBQ chicken and ribs!

After dinner, a large portion of us congregated in the
computer room/classroom.  We were
finishing our analyses, but knowing this is the last night, I guess we wanted
to still be together.  This has been a
great experience, one that I will remember forever.  Night snorkeling, SCUBA diving, Dunn’s River,
Ocho Rios, the gardens, our very own musical group JJ Maxx serenading us in the
bus, Brad’s stories, the baby lion fish that was captured, these are just a few
of the memories I will have of Jamaica.

 Bryan Blod 2 Pic 1

Mmmm… beef patties

Bryan Blog 2 Pic 2

Our little lion fish

– Bryan

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