14 Jan PM – Diving Days Are Happy Days

Diving Days Are Happy Days

Today the wind finally calmed down enough for some of the undergraduates to go out diving! Ben, Kevin, Amy, Kayleigh, and I braved the rolling sea and early hour with our fearless leaders, John and Mr. Scarlett. Ben, Kevin, and Amy managed to collect water samples and sponges for their project while Kayleigh and I went off exploring. We all managed to get a nice, long dive in and returned to a delicious breakfast of omelets that our fellow classmates were kind enough to set aside for us. Later in the day, the post-DITs ventured out to complete DBML’s check-out dive, meaning that all divers now have the privilege of waking up for 7 AM dives whenever they want to!

Ben Prepared to Collect Data (photo credit: Kevin)

Amy Smiles for the Camera (photo credit: Kevin)

Kayleigh and Emily at the Bottom (photo credit: Kevin)

– Emily

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