15 Jan PM – Lots of Fun and Adventure!

Lots of Fun and Adventure!

The journey down to the caves was an adventure in itself. However, along the way we stumbled upon some exciting creatures. As we ventured down the caves, the first noise we heard was the screeching of the bats as they flew all around the cave. We would see them fly so quickly above our heads however not close enough to get a good look. As we were exiting the cave, we looked up to find several bats hanging on the ceiling. Our guide told us that bats stick close together because they are preyed upon by snakes. Snakes have heat vision so to avoid being eaten they stay close and to the snake’s eye they look like one large object. Another creature we found along the way was a Yellow Jamaican snake. As we all gathered around the snake, she stood her ground until Kyle so bravely grabbed her from behind her head and picked her up. She began coiling around his arm so he put her down and she slithered up the walls of the cave. After we left the cave, we walked across the street to the Ultimate Jerk for dinner to continue our amazing day!

A bunch of bats huddling together for safety.

Yellow Jamaican snake we found on our way back up the cave after visiting the subterranean pool.

All of us in our fashionable hardhats as we descended further into the cave.

– Lauren

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