16 Jan PM – Excursion number two

Excursion number two

Today was half work and half play. This morning was spent diving, and collecting data. This afternoon was spent having fun. Not to say diving and data collection isn’t fun. Today we became amateur spelunkers. We took a trip to the Green Grotto around 2pm this afternoon; The Green Grotto is a large cave system not far from our home here at Discovery Bay Marine Lab. Not only does it have a long geological history but cultural history as well. According to our tour guide it was the hide out for the last Spanish governor in Jamaica after the English had invaded the Spanish colony. Needless to say it was really cool, the tour took about 45 minutes and was filled with bats, snakes, and lots of limestone. Overall it was a great break from a long week of data collection and snorkeling.

Entrance to the Green Grotto.

We found a subterranean lake!

Kyle found a snake!

Tree Growing through the cave.

– Ben

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