16 Jan PM – Out of Many, One People

Out of Many, One People

After the Green
Grotto, we headed to The Ultimate Jerk across the street for food. We
enjoyed ourselves and unwound, trying to de-stress after the past few
days of research stress.

We had different
options of food choices from Jerk Chicken or Pork, which definitely
stood up to its name, or Stew Chicken or Pork with rice and peas. A
lot of people also got fries as a side. 

The whole day was
really a nice experience that we all enjoyed and gave us a chance to
chill out and enjoy the atmosphere. And like the title of this blog,
which is the Jamaican motto, we have all grown to be close with each
other and we won’t soon forget the memories or friendships that
were made.

– Tara

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