18 Jan AM – Let it Snow

Hey friends! 

Today has consisted of: an early morning dive at “Dairy Bowl” [Ed: Actually, the site is called Dairy Bull — this confusion happens every year.], a beautiful reef with tons of large sponges and soft corals, an impromptu second dive at “Rio Bueno”, and an afternoon of seagrass videos and ID memorization. With the end of the course quickly approaching, we are looking forward to the 50 or so common and scientific names we need to commit to memory before the final quiz. Our final lecture is tonight, meaning a comprehensive study session of all material is imminent.

In spite of all the challenges ahead, the one that most concerns me relates to the fact that it is currently 27 degrees Fahrenheit in New York. The past eight days have been days of sandals, shorts, and sun. With a snowy forecast for homecoming, a rough transition is ahead of us. For our TA, Amber, who had to leave early to defend her dissertation, this change came too soon. For the rest of us, be strong. Winter is coming.

– Joe –


 *silently sheds tear

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