19 Jan PM – I’m not Stathi, but I’m writing about our trip to the falls

Forget water park rides, try climbing up an actual waterfall! Earlier today, our group took a trip to the famous Dunn’s river falls near Ochos Rios. It wasn’t like anything I ever expected. While two of us sat behind, we faced the falls together. It starts out nice and calm: a little bit of water and a few rocks. Then it gets serious. All of a sudden, there are gallons of water hitting your face and you only have your hands and feet to guide you. Periodically there are large lagoons of water that are surprisingly deep, so make sure you watch your step. By the time we finished climbing the first time, lots of tourists showed up. They all had tour guides and held hands as they picked the easiest routes to get to the top. We decided to go again and show off to the tourists. We whizzed by with our excellent waterfall scaling skills, and made it to the top before they even made it halfway. By the time we finished again, it was time to head to Ochos Rios for some shopping.

Dunn’s river falls is about 180 feet high and 600 feet long. It also empties right into the Caribbean Sea. The falls themselves are absolutely beautiful and if you take a second to look around, you can really appreciate how amazing nature is. I would encourage everyone to put “climb a waterfall” on their bucket list.

– Lea

Photo 1

None of us were ready for what we were about to face

Photo 2

Our waterfall family photoshoot

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