Sample: John Doe


johndoeMy name is John Doe, and this is my professional portfolio.

Created in an undergraduate course that I took as part of my Writing Minor at Stony Brook University, this “blogfolio”—-or an extended online CV that adds blogging as a means for developing and sharing ideas—-is meant to showcase my academic, professional, and personal achievements and capabilities. [view more]

As I look forward to pursuing graduate studies in international relations at a top-ranking US university, I also use this web-based portfolio as a tool for three specific objectives:
1) for thinking through my career/professional aspirations,
2) for honing my writing and new media skills, and
3) for learning how to emphasize substance and quality in my writing while I participate in professional development networks in the new “attention economy.”
I have written about the above objectives in a blog post here [to insert link], elaborating the benefits to my intellectual and professional development that I found in creating such a multidimensional, multimodal, and multi-purpose “blogfolio.” Dr. Shyam Sharma, in whose class (Writing For Your Profession) I first created this blogfolio as an assignment project, has also written a blog post about the importance of the social dimension in students’ portfolios on the class site here [to insert link].

I am learning the basics of web design while working on this project, but I hope I’ve been able to present what I have to say/show about my undergraduate education and professional experiences in an effective, accessible manner.

pdfIf you have any questions or comments, please send them my way through this contact formA .pdf version of my resume can be downloaded from the link on the left.

Thank you for your time on this site!