Not all students have leadership experience, so consider this a placeholder tab and replace it with whatever you have in your resume that comes next in importance to your education and work/professional experience. Some of you may have special academic achievements, awards, scholarships, assistantships–or a combination of these in the academic area. Finding a “brief” title that also represents two or more things can be a real challenge, but it is an effort absolutely worth making. Ask me for feedback, talk to your peers, and/or have a provisional title and revisit it later.

Let us discuss and add more ideas on this page about how to make this additional area impactful.


This is another section or page that will be different for different students, so some you might have a full page dedicated to it and others might only have a section combined with another page. Let us suppose that you have been involved as a participant, volunteer, or even an observer/member in two kinds of situations beyond your education and your work experience. The first could be more focused/situated within formal school settings, the other more in the community outside.

Even for those of you who may not have a lot of service/volunteer work or engagement in the community to include in an additional, the online portfolio–unlike the printed resume/CV–provides you the opportunity to share something with your audience. For instance, if you have traveled to other countries, participated in clubs and other communities, etc, it seems more reasonable to include and describe your participation/activities in the online version than in print.

Because this is going to be a variable section, what you include and how you present it will demand some thought, discussion, and time/effort. Some of you may not want to include anything in this area––and perhaps just blog about anything you’ve done, etc. Let us develop and share ideas in this area together as a class.