Holography, what is it really? Where is it going to take us in the future? Where has it already taken us? In our presentation I have introduced the concept of a hologram; a three dimensional image created by the interference of light from a laser or other coherent light source. I conveyed a brief history of holography which originated with its conception in 1947 to its ¬†actual realization in 1972. Then Reese introduced all of the applications of holography from appearing at presidential campaigns to a whimsical child’s play item. Rahan then introduces the logistics of holography. How it is that holograms work, and the like. It is truly miraculous thing, holograms, that makes science fiction a reality. Imagine, if you would, a class taught by a teacher in some far off land, or perhaps even on vacation. An amazing idea, right? Wrong it is more than idea it is a reality.and it will soon be a pivotal part of the way as we as humans communicate, which is what Shawn resolved our presentation with. Technology is what we have founded modern day literacy on, and holography is yet another medium by which we can become literate, functional members of society. Could you have even imagined this twenty years ago? Can you imagine what it will be like in twenty years?