Image: March 10, 2016

One essential lesson I received this week was about the significance of the cookies and cache on our computers. When our cookies and cache get too full, the internet/programs can get glitchy. For instance, a student tried to submit an assignment on Blackboard but when they tried to press “submit” an error message would pop up. In situations like these, it is very possible that the issue is due to a full cookies and cache. You could ask the user what web browser they are using and ask them to try to switch onto a different web browser or clear their cookies and cache.

I also asked my first attendance quiz on SBconnect with my mentor’s approval and guidance. My question was “What is standard protocol for when you are running late to your shift?”. I asked this question because there had been an earlier situation in which one of the consultants in the morning made the mistake of calling the front desk instead of our supervisors about running late. I realized that the attendance quiz is a platform to attend to possible confusion about a specific policy or procedure and kill two birds with one stone.

This week was especially exciting because I experienced my first few support line phone calls. However, there was an unfortunate incident where I accidentally hung up on my first phone call as I pressed the wrong button to keep the user on hold. Thankfully, the user called back right away and I was able to apologize to her and continue on with resolving her issue. Her issue was that her professor had confirmed with her that her clicker was registered but her clicker poll answers were not being submitted. Through the help of my mentor, I was able to resolve her issue. Students make the mistake of submitting a clicker answer as a “message” instead of a “poll answer” and end up not get credit for their answers. This is especially easy to make mistake of with the new clickers that are being used for this year.

Another phone call I received was with regards to obtaining Blackboard access as an alumni. The policy for post-graduation e-mail and BlackBoard access is that you must request access within 200 days of graduation. E-portfolio access however is not denied past the 200 day mark. Users can request E-portfolio access by contacting them directly.

It was a great experience learning what it is like to interact with users through the phone rather than face-to-face as a regular consultant. It was a lot more demanding also because it required more specific areas of knowledge. Spring break is next week and I am excited to see what my new mentors will teach me and what new experiences will come next. Also, I am thankful for the guidance I received thus far because all my mentors are genuinely interested in helping me and improving my skills.  There are some great leaders in TLT!



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