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A Huge Medical Breakthrough for Cancer Treatment by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Cancer is a disease that has claimed millions and millions of lives and still we have not found any cure for such a deadly disease. In order to fight cancer, we must first understand what it is. Cancer is the mutation of healthy, normal cells into abnormal cells.  Typically, normal cells grow and divide to create new cells per the body’s requirements. Eventually, they become damaged or grow old and die off. When a cell becomes abnormal, this cycle is thrown into havoc. Old or damaged cells continue to live when they should die, they produce new cells that are not needed. This leads to the uncontrollable growth of new cells that invade into other, healthy tissue within the human body. Continue reading

Biofield Treatment: An Intelligent Approach for Treating Cancer without Any Side Effects

Cancer is an epidemic that is affecting millions of lives. Currently, over 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide each year. Many studies show that one in three people will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. It is one of the biggest health concerns of our time, yet we do not have one viable treatment for such a disease or so called “epidemic”. It is high time that we find a viable cure for a disease which is killing a huge portion of the people around the globe. Continue reading

The Trivedi Effect: Is It Possible to Transform an Atom?

As children, we’re taught a lot about atoms and molecules. We learn about their composition, size, structure and a multitude more, and we’re taught that these components are the basic building blocks of existence itself (the atom being the smallest particle known to humankind). But perhaps what is most significant is that we’re taught you cannot change the size and structure of the atom. I also believed it to be true. The basic principle of science is that it is impossible to alter the size of the atom itself, holding the law of conservation true. However, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has proven that yes, you can. In fact, in doing so not only is he opening new doorways for scientific inquiry and possibility, but he is also showing us the very limiting scientific scope of understanding that we are currently living in. Now, we don’t expect to know everything about the universe or nature through science, but Mr. Trivedi has shown us that the very foundation of our world of science may in fact be built upon incorrect theories and ideas.
Continue reading

Uplifting Consciousness with The Trivedi Effect

Hi everyone! My name is Vaidik Trivedi, and I am an international student at Stony Brook University. This being my first semester at Stony Brook and away from my home, I discovered a lot of things in this new land, America. I explored a lot about myself, like I enjoy going on long walks, looking at nature from a different perspective, and watching the stars at night endlessly. I started to connect to myself and got to know myself better like I have never known myself for 18 years. I connected to my inner consciousness and it felt amazing. I knew that connecting to one’s consciousness was like a gift and not everyone gets it. Moreover, even lesser of them master it. I wanted to further connect to this consciousness within and uplift it to a higher level  and so I started to research about how to have a better and an unwavering connection to this universal source of energy so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest. Continue reading