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Stem Cell Cancer Research: An Introduction

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in all microorganisms which have the ability to multiply to produce new stem cells or differentiate into mature cells or tissues. Researchers have identified the application of these stem cells in curing many life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, diabetes and also explored its potentials in gene therapy. Cancer cells are cells that undergo uncontrolled mitosis leading to degeneration of a tissue or organ. These cells are similar to stem cells that both have the ability to multiply, but the latter one acquires self sufficiency and invasive metastatic abilities. Researchers believe that the cancer cells are derived from stem cells . A tumor has mature cancer cells as well as cancer stem cells having the inherent ability to proliferate indefinitely and initiate cancer. The discovery of cancer stem cells has greater implications on the early detection of diseases and effective treatment.


Stem cell research is on the track to identify the subset of cancer stem cells from the group of cancer cells and so that treatment can be targeted on these subsets. But these cells have the potential to withstand traditional treatment modalities. Cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy or radiation therapy and are able to repair the DNA damages caused by both. As the cancer stem cells survive, it can initiate recurrence of the disease. So cancer cell researches are now being focused on these undifferentiated stem cells, which pose more effects on human existence.


The cancer stem cells are difficult to be differentiated from other cancer cells. These cells are identified using the biomarkers such as marker proteins. The potential difficulty is that these marker proteins have a role in normal biological processes too. So as they share common pathways with normal cells, the stem cell therapy becomes more difficult. These common pathways have to be identified, isolate and characterize cancer stem cells and accordingly direct stem cell therapies


An effective cancer therapy is the one which will be targeting the cancer cells along with subset of cancer stem cells at the target-site as well as other distant site to prevent metastatic spread. Stem cell cancer research should be focused to find the link between normal stem cells and cancer stem cells, which will open up new beginning for cancer research itself. Like many other life threatening contagious diseases, cancer cell research can be fruitful enough to overcome cancer from our mother earth in decades to come.

A Huge Medical Breakthrough for Cancer Treatment by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Cancer is a disease that has claimed millions and millions of lives and still we have not found any cure for such a deadly disease. In order to fight cancer, we must first understand what it is. Cancer is the mutation of healthy, normal cells into abnormal cells.  Typically, normal cells grow and divide to create new cells per the body’s requirements. Eventually, they become damaged or grow old and die off. When a cell becomes abnormal, this cycle is thrown into havoc. Old or damaged cells continue to live when they should die, they produce new cells that are not needed. This leads to the uncontrollable growth of new cells that invade into other, healthy tissue within the human body. Continue reading

Biofield Treatment: An Intelligent Approach for Treating Cancer without Any Side Effects

Cancer is an epidemic that is affecting millions of lives. Currently, over 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide each year. Many studies show that one in three people will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. It is one of the biggest health concerns of our time, yet we do not have one viable treatment for such a disease or so called “epidemic”. It is high time that we find a viable cure for a disease which is killing a huge portion of the people around the globe. Continue reading