The Trivedi Effect: Is It Possible to Transform an Atom?

As children, we’re taught a lot about atoms and molecules. We learn about their composition, size, structure and a multitude more, and we’re taught that these components are the basic building blocks of existence itself (the atom being the smallest particle known to humankind). But perhaps what is most significant is that we’re taught you cannot change the size and structure of the atom. I also believed it to be true. The basic principle of science is that it is impossible to alter the size of the atom itself, holding the law of conservation true. However, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has proven that yes, you can. In fact, in doing so not only is he opening new doorways for scientific inquiry and possibility, but he is also showing us the very limiting scientific scope of understanding that we are currently living in. Now, we don’t expect to know everything about the universe or nature through science, but Mr. Trivedi has shown us that the very foundation of our world of science may in fact be built upon incorrect theories and ideas.

In one scientific experiment (out of 4,000), Guruji Mahendra Trivedi used his ability to harness some form of external super consciousness energy to change the foundation of science. He transmitted his biofield energy to charcoal, graphite and diamond monocrystalline powders. The energy transmission from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi proved to be so effective and powerful that it changed science: it changed the structure and size of the atom. Scientists observed that the atomic parameters had been changed radically. Moreover, they found dramatic transformation in the structural and physical properties of the material, which likely was due to the alterations at the atomic level. Dr. Rustum Roy, professor at Penn State University who was nominated for the Nobel Prize 23 times and is revered as the Father of Materials Science, said after looking at the results: “This is nuclear transformation, right at the nucleus level.” The results also indicated that the biofield energy transmission given to the materials could result in the form of neutrinos changing mass into energy and vice versa.

I am no science geek, but if a person can change the structural and physical properties of the atom itself, there is a whole new world out there to be discovered and created. More useful products can be created by changing the composition/structure of materials at the atomic level, and this could lead to an entirely new level of research.

This is the Trivedi Effect. It was discovered by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and has led to huge scientific breakthroughs that have shaken the foundation of existing physics and materials science. The Trivedi Effect has opened gates for many new scientific research opportunities, which in turn will help us to create better lives.

Here is the link for the science experiment conducted on Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s ability to harness biofield energy to create the Trivedi Effect, which resulted in the transformation of atoms at the nucleus level. The title of the publication is “Effect of superconsciousness external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of carbon allotrope powders” published in the peer-reviewed science journal Materials Research Innovations:

2 thoughts on “The Trivedi Effect: Is It Possible to Transform an Atom?

  1. M. Jones

    The information provided in this blog and in the provided link is truly amazing. Changing the structure and size of the atom, I never thought about this, I guess no one ever did this before. The Trivedi Effect should be one of the most important and remarkable discoveries of Science.

  2. Alex Tristan

    So amazed and hopeful after reading this. Looking forward to see more and the latest in the sciences or the progress that is being made by the Trivedi Effect. Thanks for posting this!!!


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